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Sports is your number one source of information on South Beach attractions, events, hotels, nightlife, shopping, sports and other interesting topics. This site will provide you the latest and most relevant South Beach related information as well as interesting details concerning surrounding areas like Coconut Grove, Fort Lauderale, Miami Beach, Ocean Drive and other South Florida locations, so you won't miss out on any of the activities, attractions and/or services you can find in South Beach and Miami, Florida. provides specials information concerning local restaurants and bars, shopping areas, fabulous art shows and other cultural and entertainment activities. If you are looking for great dinning place hosts a wide variety of choices in culinary styles and budgets. South Beach Info also recommends you to check out Miami Beach and Ocean Drive for other great choices in restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars. also has hotel information and accommodation deals on some of the best places to stay in Miami and South Beach, as well as on other surrounding areas. While you are in South Beach visit numerous outlet malls and shopping centers with great deals. After you are done shopping you can also check the showtimes for great theaters plays, go and see some live music performed or assist to one of many major sporting events around the area. South Beach is known for its shopping, nightlife, live music, parties and fun bars. is your one stop resource for all your South Beach and Miami information needs. From arts and attractions to shopping and sports, is your best and most reliable South Beach information source.